Two Beautiful Owls

Somehow it always seems special to see an owl. I guess because they are nocturnal so they seem pretty rare.  At least sightings of them are rare.  Also the fact that they are birds of prey means that they are automatically up there in my favorite category.  I haven’t seen too many owls in my lifetime, and I think I can remember each time I have seen one.  If I count them up they come to exactly seven.  So here are photos of two of my very memorable sightings.  The first one was taken outside our house in Ohio.  An orangey colored screech owl trying to hide in a maple tree in autumn.  He was not terribly successful though he got the color right at least.

best owl


These two have a lot of parallels.  The second one is an African Scops Owl found here in Zambia. It is quite similar in size, and also general looks to the screech owl. And although this one was photographed in Blue Lagoon National Park,  there is also one that occasionally visits our yard here in Lusaka.  

(Photos by Jonathan Moeller)


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