Leopard’s Hill

Lisa and I took a morning outing to some woodland just outside of Lusaka with Leslie Reynolds of Lapwing Safaris (http://www.lapwingsafaris.com)  and a few other fellow birders.  While putting up with the hot sun and dodging not a few ticks, we got some decent birding in including a  few new birds for my list.  Though we heard several Diderick Cuckoos, a sighting of one continues to elude me.

Some of the better sightings for the morning were a Red-backed Shrike,a displaying Pin-tailed Whydah, Black-collared Barbets, Long-billed Crombecs, a Grey-backed Cameroptera,  a Lizard Buzzard, and European Bee-Eaters.

The three “Lifers” for me were a Tree Pipit, a Familiar Chat, and a Brown-backed Honeybird. 

Jonathan didn’t go with us today so I had to take all the photos myself.  I borrowed his fancy camera for the morning.  My results were mixed- none of my “lifers” came out at all, but I did have a few half-way decent shots.  Here are the best ones. Hope you enjoy.



Pin-tailed Whydah


Red-backed Shrike


Grey-backed Cameroptera


3 thoughts on “Leopard’s Hill

    • Hi Paul, It’s funny that you say that because we definitely had some controversy over that in the field. In the photo the tree is possibly blocking the area where there should be a significant white bar so it is really hard to tell which it was. Leslie seemed to think it was a Red-backed with feathers that were more worn, due to the lack of a white bar. In the end he convinced us all, but I suppose we will never know for sure.

      Thanks for the comment!

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