A Trip to Lower Zambezi

Well, we didn’t exactly make it in to the National Park, but we took a long weekend at Gwabi Lodge which is very near the confluence of the Kafue and Zambezi Rivers.  This is still miles from the Park itself and it being the off-season we were not expecting to see a lot of animals.  We did see a few elephants and a couple bushbuck, but it mostly turned into a birding trip and just a general vacation, for us and our friends, Mike and Kylie. We really enjoyed the boat rides on the river.  Very relaxing and there were lots of birds.  The highlights of the trip (as far as the birds are concerned)  were a Little Bittern, Bradfield’s Hornbill,some nice views of the Goliath Heron, beautiful sights of the nesting White-fronted Bee-Eaters, and just as we were leaving a pair of Crested Guinea Fowl.


Little Bittern


Goliath Heron

IMG_7156         IMG_7154

Goliath Heron Tracks – Thought these were just amazing as they were nearly the same length as my foot.  So big!


Green-backed Heron

All photos by Jonathan Moeller.  I’ll post a few more next time.


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