Gwabi Lodge

As I mentioned, we spent last weekend at Gwabi Lodge which is on the way to Lower Zambezi National Park.  Since there were few animals around, the men decided to indulge Kylie and me in our bird-nerding activities, for which we were thankful.  Jonathan’s philosophy is that it is good to have some interest in  birds  for those times when there are no mammals around to watch. 

While I didn’t get any new “lifers” on this trip, I did get to tick off two birds on my Zambia list which previously I had only seen in Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively.  These were Bradfield’s Hornbill, and the Crested Guinea-Fowl.  Unfortunately, no picture of the Guinea Fowl as it was just as we were leaving the lodge and we did not get the camera out fast enough.  Here is Bradfield’s Hornbill though.


Here are a few more of Jonathan’s better shots:


Nesting White-fronted Bee-Eaters.


This Wire-tailed Swallow sat perfectly still for us as we drifted past it, only a few feet away.


Collared Pratincoles gather on a sandbar.  This was my first view of these birds where they were not in flight.

All photos by Jonathan Moeller.


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