Birds in the yard

When no major outings are planned, I have to content myself with whatever birds show up in my yard.  Fortunately we have had a couple interesting ones, the last few months that actually showed themselves unlike the Diderick Cuckoo which was forever taunting my by staying out of sight.  I haven’t heard him lately so perhaps he has migrated back to his other home.   At any rate,  here are a few photos of some of the interesting birds that have visited our yard in the past couple months.


A female Eurasian Golden Oriole.  We saw her a couple times. 


This Senegal Coucal visits occasionally. Usually I only hear him as he is just beyond our wall into the next yard.


I am thankful that the Variable Sunbird brings his beauty into our yard almost daily. 


Small flocks of cheerful White-Eyes appear fairly frequently in the yard.  It is hard to get them to sit still for a picture.

Photos by Jonathan – except the Coucal.


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