Nice surprises

It was a nice morning today.  The weather is starting to warm up a little in Lusaka so I decided it would be nice to go outside and drink my coffee on the porch. It seems that the birds were also enjoying the warmer weather. Even before I sat down I was hearing some interesting sounds coming from the yard, a low chuckling sort of call. Right away I was able to spot two Schalow’s Turacos who were making the chuckling sound from one of our eucalyptus trees. I hadn’t seen them near the yard in months, though perhaps it was because the cold mornings had been keeping me inside.


As I was enjoying the beauty and antics of the turacos, another large bird started moving about in the tree.  I thought it was a third turaco based on the size (all of the birds had the sun behind them so my views were not great) until it landed and then I realised it was a hawk.  Turns out it was a Cuckoo-Hawk and there were two of them as well. Perhaps they were the same ones that started a nest in that same tree last year.  They appeared to be checking out the same nest site. 


Here he is perched in the eucaplyptus tree and you can just see the back of what I assume is his mate at the top of the photo sitting at the old nest site. (His eye is reddish brown and when you blow up the photo you can see that the female on the nest has yellow eyes.)

And here he is in the next tree over with the morning sun on him.


Some nice surprises on a beautiful morning.


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