Birding in Zambia: Miombo Woodland

We took a morning trip to some Miombo Woodland off Leopard’s Hill Rd. near Lusaka with Leslie of Lapwing Safaris.  Eventually this tract of land will be carved up into plots and who knows what will happen to the woodland at that point but for now it is a lovely spot to go birding.  We managed to see lots of the miombo specials that can be tough to find, and had a really enjoyable morning walk. 

One bird I have been especially keen to see is the Spotted Creeper.  It is fairly similar to the Brown Creepers that I used to enjoy in our backyard in Ohio and this was one reason I was wanting to see it.  Up until now, the Spotted Creeper has eluded me, and it is no wonder with their amazing camouflage, but today was definitely the day for creepers.  We probably saw several pairs of them, though it was hard to tell how many were different. They definitely seemed to be all over the place and not particularly shy. We had many, many good views and a few photos came out okay as well.

So, here is a picture of a spotted creeper. (I couldn’t resist, showing this. Obviously, they are pretty well camouflaged!)

Can you  spot it?

Same picture – cropped:

Spotted Creeper

And here is one that came out a little bit better:

Spotted Creeper

Other Miombo specials we saw inluded: Miombo Rock-Thrush,

Miombo Rock Thrush

Yellow- bellied Hyliota,


White-breasted Cuckooshrike,


and also, Miombo Grey Tit, Green-capped Eremomela, and Souza’s Shrike.  Lifers for me for the day included the Spotted Creeper, an African Golden Oriole, a Red-capped Crombec, and this gorgeous Giant Eagle Owl.

Giant Eagle Owl

After we spotted this owl from the back, we wanted to go around to the other side of him to get a better view, so we had to be  very careful not to disturb him or the other birds would mob him even worse than they already were.  We slowly worked our way around the tree keeping our distance and ended up with this great view.  Another great morning, birding in Zambia!


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