Bird of the Week: Blue Waxbill

Water Feature:

  I have what I like to call a “water feature” on my front porch.  There is a leak in my solar water heater and also in my gutter so there is a slow drip that forms a pool on my front porch.  The birds like the water and often come to get a drink now that it is so hot and dry. 


The water is very shallow but it seems to be just right for these little birds. Blue Waxbills are very common birds. They are often around houses and in gardens but I also see them when I go out to the village or the bush. Besides the Common Bulbuls, the Blue Waxbills are the least shy birds in the yard and so they are the most frequent visitor to my “water feature,”  which unfortunately is in a fairly high traffic area, being near my front door.  



Despite being incredibly common (even my kids were appalled that I would feature them as my bird of the week) Blue Waxbills are really beautiful.  The males especially can be an incredible shade of blue that I would compare to Lapis Lazuli. It is a different shade than the Blue Birds, or Blue Jays back home, both of which are of a deeper shade.


Here you can see that the male (above) has bright blue on his face, chest,sides and tail,  while the female (below) has a blue face with just a dusting of blue on her brownish chest and sides. Another beautiful bird.

Blue waxbill (2)


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