Grey Crowned Crane

Bird of the Week

Another special bird that we saw in South Luangwa was the Grey Crowned Crane.  I have seen this bird in so many zoos in the U.S. and you see it photographed so often that it has become a bit of a cliché.  However, it is infinitely more exciting to see this bird in the wild than it is in the zoo.  Sure, when you see it in the zoo, it is beautiful.  But they have it all caged up and it just doesn’t seem like a big deal next to a tiger or a polar bear or a snow leopard.  But when you find a group of these in the wild, flying free, then they seem like the magnificent majestic monarchs that they really are.

Crowned Crane




In the last picture, the bird in the back is apparently a juvenile, with no red on the cheek patch and a only a small pink wattle.  It was probably still with its parents as there were a total of three birds in the group.  What can I say about these birds?  Gorgeous!

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