Red-billed Hornbill

Just one photo today.  As we get ready to say goodbye to Africa, at least for the time being,  I was struck by this photo of a Red-billed Hornbill that we took in Livingstone last year at Mosi-Oa-Tunya park.  Hornbills symbolize Africa to me although they are found in Asia as well.  The colors of the leaves show that this was taken in dry season, but it reminds me also of fall in the U.S..  So this is my melancholy, autumnal, dry season photo that suits my mood for today. 

Despite leaving Africa for now,  I hope to continue publishing some of the many photos we have taken over the last 5 years and also photos of birds wherever I might be finding myself in the future. (Hint: There will be a lot from Ohio, and hopefully some from Costa Rica in the near future.)   Things will probably slow down here for about a month while we move and celebrate the holidays as well as reconnect with friends.  I hope to manage a post or two, but then plan to pick back up to my goal pace of two posts per week by the middle of January.

Thanks to all my readers and I enjoy all of the comments  I have been getting.  Hope you enjoy this photo as well.


For more  bird blogs, visit the links at  I’d Rather B Birdin’  and Nature Footsteps Winged.


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