Birding in Zambia: My favorite birds

I am going to start a short series on some of my favorite birds here in Zambia and this is post #1. 

The Miombo Tit

As I mentioned in my last post, we are actually heading out from Zambia in just a few days, but there are still many more pictures and posts to come.  Today I am still a bit caught in the middle between saying my last goodbyes to Zambia and some fresh hellos to Ohio.  So I thought I would post about one of my favorite birds in Zambia that is a favorite here based solely on the fact that it reminds me of one of my favorites from back home in Ohio.

Since I was mainly a backyard birder in Ohio,  I was most familiar with woodland birds and the like.  Of all of these, my favorite was, by far, the humble Black-capped Chickadee.  Always filling the air with their cheerful call and flitting about looking so joyful. 

I’m afraid that the birding and photography hobbies, for myself and Jonathan respectively, have really only taken off since we have been in Zambia so this is the best photo I have of a chickadee.


And here, with quite a few similarities, is the Miombo Tit we saw this past August in Mushingashi Conservancy.




Okay, so they are not exactly the same, but they remind me of each other.  The Miombo tits that I watched in Mushingashi seemed to be nest building in a cavity right in the middle of camp.  I watched them go in several times.  Unfortunately if I hung around and it seemed obvious that I was watching the tits seemed to disappear so I never got a good photo of them near the nest.  Nevertheless they were fun to watch, just like the chickadees back home.  Another beautiful bird!

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2 thoughts on “Birding in Zambia: My favorite birds

  1. Seems like you and I share a great love for the chickadee. Unfortunately we don’t have them in Australia and I do so miss them. They are such friendly, cheerful little things and it is good to see that there are birds in the Southern Hemisphere that are so like them. Look forward to more birds from Zambia.

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