Common Birds at Albergue El Socorro

Some of the birds we saw at Albergue el Socorro were common throughout all of our travels in Costa Rica, but lots of times our best photos were at this, our first stop.  The feeders in the garden were just outside the common dining room and porch area where we liked to relax and hang out.  Watching the birds was easy from the porch and Jonathan got lots of good photos.

First was a Great Kiskadee.  He would come down to the feeder and then call repeatedly.  I would have thought he was telling everyone to stay away, that the food was all his, but it had the opposite effect.  IMG_0222

After he called everyone seemed to come around to see what all the ruckus was about, especially the tanagers.  One of my favorites was the Palm Tanager.  Despite being so drab, I thought they had a subtle beauty.  I liked the slight dusting of yellow over their head and body.


The Blue-gray Tanagers  and Passerini’s were also beautiful and abundant.


IMG_0271 (2)

The garden was also filled with lots of hummingbirds.  Rufous-tailed hummingbirds were especially common throughout the country.  This one was fluffing his feathers out trying to get dried off.



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4 thoughts on “Common Birds at Albergue El Socorro

  1. Lovely post. I can concur with the Palm Tanager, subtly beautiful. I was lucky enough to see those and the Blue greys in Venezuela last year.

    Lovely post

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