Specials at Albergue el Socorro

There were a few birds that we only saw while at Albergue el Socorro and then never saw again for the whole trip in Costa Rica.  Needless to say, these were all lifers for me.

The first of these was obvious the moment we went out to the road on our first morning walk.  The Crested Guans liked to stay in these berry bushes just across the road from the farm. (The toucans liked them too.)

IMG_0307 (2)

Later on our walk, we came to a hill top meadow where there were Oropendolas, Brown Jays and hummingbirds.  The two hummingbirds that we only saw here at el Socorro were the Brown Violet-ear


and the Black-crested Coquette.


Finally, back at the farm, Don Jose was very keen to show me the Euphonia that likes to visit his backyard, just out the back door or the kitchen window.  His wife kept a lookout for me and so this was another lifer that was easy to find at el Socorro: the Tawny-capped Euphonia.


Next post will be about our second stop for the trip, Selve Verde Lodge near Sarapiqui.


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