Waterbirds of Costa Rica

After our sojourn into the mountains and our excellent views of the quetzal, we were ready for some warmer weather.  We were originally planning to stay another night at a different lodge in the mountains, but since we already had such good success at Trogon Lodge we decided to head down to Quepos and Manuel Antonio a day earlier.  We had not packed overly well for the cold in the mountains, and it would also enable us to get laundry done at the next place. 

We had hoped to spend a whole day and more at Manuel Antonio, mostly just hanging out at the beach or hiking a trail or two.  Unfortunately we had forgotten that they are closed on Mondays so here we were in Quepos, basically at the door of the park, but couldn’t get in.  We decided to go on a Mangrove swamp tour as our outing for the day, and then had only Tuesday morning for the park before we had to move on.

From a birding perspective, this turned out pretty well, as I got a number of lifers in the swamp including Southern Lapwing:




IMG_2056 (2)


the Mangrove Black-Hawk:


as well as Mangrove Swallow, and White Ibis.  We also had lovely views of Northern Jacana, Green Heron, Little Blue Heron, and Spotted Sandpiper.

After our trip to the mangrove we decided to get lunch in Quepos and walk around the shore area where the fishermen unload their catch.  Here there was an abundance of Brown Pelicans,



and Magnificent Frigatebirds. I don’t know if the numbers of these birds cause them to be a pest in any way, but I have to say that I loved watching them soaring and swooping. 


I love the shape of their wings and their gracefulness as they glide.



Beautiful, Gorgeous, Magnificent!


All Photos copyright Jonathan Moeller.


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