This post was written in March of 2014.  Life got in the way and I am just now getting around to posting it.  More posts coming soon.

I was so excited to find a lifer here in Ohio that I decided I should try to figure out what “number” he was.  I had never been a lister here in the States.  I kept track of new birds that I had seen on vacations but I never counted them or put them into any kind of a list.  That only changed when I moved to Africa, when every bird I saw was a new bird, it made sense to start keeping track.  And so a lister was born.

At that point, I did not really have a life list number because most of my previous lists were left in various notes and field guides that we left back in Ohio when we moved to Zambia.  Now that we were back I was finally able to compile them all, remove repeats and actually get some sort of count.  Prior to now, I only had a count for Zambia.  That number is 361.  In addition I saw 45 more lifers in Zimbabwe and South Africa combined.  My recent trip to Costa Rica had added a bunch more to my list so I had to count those up as well.  My subtotals looked like this:

Continental U.S.: 76

Hawaii: 15

Zambia: 361

Southern Africa: 45

Costa Rica 2014: 93

Costa Rica Previously: 31.

I suppose my totals are not all that impressive but they are what they are. 

Total life birds as of March 15, 2014 = 621.


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