Portland Birding Part 2

Disclaimer:  I have tentatively Identified these birds.  Any comments or help, whether to agree or disagree,  would be appreciated  as these birds are all new for me.

Jackson Bottom Wetlands:

Upon reaching the marsh area just below the main building we were surrounded by many birds.  Our only decision was where to look first.  There were many ducks and other water birds out on the lake but they were pretty far away.  We were able to identify Northern Shovelers, Mallards, American Coot, American  Wigeon, Canadian Geese, and eventually Ruddy Ducks and a cormorant.  Some of these were new for me. 

There was also a Blue Heron and  a Great White Egret hunting in one of the many pools.

I enjoyed watching the waders more.  This Yellowlegs caught our attention right away as he was fairly close to us.  I tentatively identify him as a Greater Yellowlegs.


Nearby also was a little flock of Least Sandpipers.  They were very well camouflaged and hard to see.  I didn’t even notice them until Jonathan pointed them out. 


In the same general vicinity were many Savannah Sparrows.  These were all lifers for me.


After walking, photographing and watching the birds for a good while we decided it was lunch time.  We also noticed some dark clouds heading our way.  As we headed up to the main building we noticed they had a couple feeders hanging and we enjoyed stopping there to watch as well.  There were many of these Golden-crowned Sparrows and also a beautiful Mourning Dove.



We were fortunate that during lunch the rain passed over with only a bit of a sprinkle despite the dark clouds, so we decided to go back and walk the woodland trail.  This was a little more open than the forest at the Audubon Society and we were able to see Yellow-rumped Warblers and Black-capped Chickadees.  A Bushtit and this Bewick’s Wren were both lifers.


We also saw and enjoyed several Scrub Jays.  Despite their name, they are still a beautiful bird.


All in all it turned out to be a fabulous day. Great weather, great birds and great company!

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6 thoughts on “Portland Birding Part 2

  1. Hi there – great pictures – there is some possibility of me getting a trip to Africa with work – I will need to brush up on my ID skills – keeping my fingers crossed!

    Cheers and welcome of WBW! Stewart M

  2. A relatively long bill so I think your correct with Greater Yellowlegs. Maybe worth you googling Lesser Vs Greater and compare side by side yours. Lovely post with a great variety of species. I agree with the Least Sandpiper too, yellowish legs, slightly down curved bill seems to fit.

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