Yellow Warbler

My most recent lifer was the Yellow Warbler which I saw on two occasions about a month ago.  First, I saw it at the park where we go swimming, and later I saw it on the trail I take while jogging or walking.  Unfortunately, in both cases, I did not have my binoculars with me, but I am still pretty sure of my id because these two birds were almost completely yellow.  I do not think any other bird in the U.S. is as completely yellow as this warbler. 

A few days later we started hearing a particular bird in our yard regularly, and by regularly, I mean constantly. “Sweetie Sweetie Sweetie Sweet Sweet Sweet.”  It turns out that it was again a Yellow Warbler, so Jonathan ventured out to get some photos.  I still hear this bird calling pretty often but he is pretty tough to find in all the foliage in our trees.  One of these times I hope to go out and find him, but no luck for me yet.

Jonathan had better luck.





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