I am originally from Vermont and later Ohio.  I currently live in Lusaka, Zambia with my husband Jonathan and three kids.  My love of birds began by watching birds with my grandmother at her birdfeeder.  She really enjoyed them.  In Ohio, I always had bird feeders and enjoyed birding in my backyard.  Things got exciting when I moved to Lusaka.  There are so many different birds here and they were all new and fascinating.  I wanted to find out more about them.  And so a bird nerd was born.


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  1. Hi I was wondering do you not have a comment place on your blog? I certainly supped be very interested in seeing African birds as my daughter have just moved to Malawi and I hope to go there in August and I have never birdied in Africa. I always have a nursing friend in Joburg and hope to go visit her also. I would like took woof your birds in Africa will be similar to those in Malawi or S.A?

    • Margaret, I have lots of African birds in my archives, everything from before December 2013. Many of the birds would be similar in Zambia, South Africa and Malawi. A few might be different. You can check out all of my photos to see what birds you might get to see there.

      As for comments, you can leave them on any individual post, I believe.

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